Takież to wyzwanie tym razem realizujemy na Art-Piaskownicy w ramach projektu 12/12. Znakomicie wpasował się w nie mój ciążownik, czyż nie?
Posiada zakładki na 3 trymestry i dwa rodzaje kartek: recyklingowe ze starego kalendarza na notatki i nieco grubsze-do żurnalowania :)

i jeszcze informejszyn:

The new lines will be released very soon... And we are looking for 4 guest designers to promote the brand abroad for the winter!
If you are not living in France, and you are interested in applying, please send us an email HERE, including a few words about you, and your blog address; then copy this blog post in English or French on your blog (the Facebook page is very welcome too...). 
As a GD you will have to create at least 4 works (LOs, altered... it's up to you!) during the next trimester, with the GD package. You have until October the 30th to apply...

 More here.
 Kissy dla Was,

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